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Nancy K. Allen

Nancy has enjoyed Colorado Springs as her hometown for over 20 years. The beauty of the Rocky Mountain Front Range co…

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Broker Associate

Kimberly Amis

I've been a licensed Realtor since 2005. My mission is to help you get exactly what you are looking for, so you will …

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Broker Associate

Lorraine Amos

Lorraine Amos, a former Navy veteran has been a top producing Realtor for 8 1/2 years ranking in the top 5% of all Re…

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Broker Associate

Holly Brindisi

You’re in good hands when it comes to buying or selling your first or last home with Holly Brindisi. For over 18 year…

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Broker Associate, The Colorado Homes Group

Amber Brooks

Amber is a Colorado Springs native, born and raised here. She loves this area, knows it like the back of her hand an…

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Broker Associate

Siobhan Celusta

After 15 years as a pilot in the Air Force, I was in a near fatal car accident. I am grateful to be alive today but m…

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Broker Associate

Robin Chambon

Whether you are relocating, downsizing, looking for your dream home or an investor looking to maximize your return, R…

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Broker Associate, The Amos Team

Jill Cole

Colorado has been a long tradition in Jill’s family, going all the way back to the 1800s. It’s true! Her great-great-…

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Broker Associate

Megan Collins

Megan Collins is happy to be the newest member of The Cutting Edge team. She has just transferred her real estate lic…

Photo of Megan Collins
Broker Associate, Conolty Team

Cannon Conolty

I've been in the Real Estate business for 6 months now as part of The Kevin Conolty Team in Colorado Springs. I'm a h…

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Broker Associate, Conolty Team

Kevin Conolty

Born and raised in Speedway Indiana, Kevin and his family moved to Colorado Springs in 1998 to manage a local lumber …

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Broker Associate

Chris Cooper

I've been a real estate agent for over 21 years and have lived in Colorado Springs for over 41 years. I'm a full-time…

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Broker Associate

Brian Coram

Brian Coram is the droid agent you are looking for…he has lived in the Colorado Springs area for over 20 years and ha…

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Broker Associate

Brenda Cordero-Murillo

I'm a Realtor here in the area of Colorado.
Originally I come from San Luis Potosi, Mexico but Colorado Springs has…

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Broker Associate, Cowles & Co

Amber Cowles

It is with great excitement that I begin my journey as a Realtor with Cowles&Co at The Cutting Edge, REALTORS®. I wil…

Photo of Amber Cowles
Broker Owner, Broker Associate

Chris Cowles

Chris Cowles has a rich family tradition in the Pikes Peak region dating back to the 1940's. At 37 years of age and a…

Photo of Chris Cowles
Broker Associate

Nikki Cox

Nikki was born in Germany to a Scottish father serving in the British Armed Forces and a British mother. She grew acc…

Photo of Nikki Cox
Broker Associate, The Colorado Homes Group

Angie Cunningham

I’ve lived in our beautiful state of Colorado for most of my life and love the Colorado Springs area. My father was …

Photo of Angie Cunningham
Broker Associate

Cori Cutler

I was born and raised in beautiful Colorado Springs. Being a Real Estate agent for the past 11 years has brought a w…

Photo of Cori Cutler
Broker Associate

Nancy Daily

Nancy was born and raised in Phoenix, Arizona and moved to Colorado Springs in 1994. She and her husband Tim moved h…

Photo of Nancy Daily
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Kristi de Lange

Kristi considers herself a lucky girl to live in Colorado for just over 20 years thanks to the Air Force bringing her…

Photo of Kristi de Lange
Broker Associate

Nichole Dennis

Nichole Dennis has been practicing real estate since 2014 and has worked hard to help numerous buyers, sellers and in…

Photo of Nichole Dennis
Broker Associate

Shay Dominguez

I do my best to always make myself available to all of my clients and interested clients. I have a wealth of knowled…

Photo of Shay Dominguez
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Christine Drakos

Christine comes to us from a town in Northwest Indiana with “Real Estate” on her mind for quite some time. After bein…

Photo of Christine Drakos
Broker Associate

Karen DuBois

I have been in sales all of my adult life, and have been in real estate since 1996 after having a terrible buying exp…

Photo of Karen DuBois
Broker Associate

Michael Dubois

Mike was raised right here in Colorado Springs and has been around real estate all his life with the opportunity of h…

Photo of Michael Dubois
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Amber Flannigan

Amber has lived in Colorado Springs since 1991 and considers herself a Colorado native. Raised in the area, she is ve…

Photo of Amber Flannigan
Broker Associate

Danielle Frisbie

Danielle has served hundreds of Colorado Springs families throughout her 15-year career in real estate. Her client’s …

Photo of Danielle Frisbie
Broker Associate, The St James Team

Travis Froehlich

Travis has been happy to call this incredible state his home for over 20 years. He grew up here, went to school here,…

Photo of Travis Froehlich
Broker Associate

Darryl Gaddis

Darryl has lived in Colorado since October 2016. He was stationed inside
Cheyenne Mountain, Colorado Springs with NO…

Photo of Darryl Gaddis
Broker Associate, Cowles & Co

Tyler Gage

Tyler Gage takes pride in having over 15 years in customer service and sales experience. He understands that he is no…

Photo of Tyler Gage
Broker Associate

Suzanne Gombar

Are you selling your home, looking for a home, moving, relocating? I know all about it. I was a military wife for ove…

Photo of Suzanne Gombar
Broker Associate, The Amos Team

Brandon Guerrero

Brandon Guerrero epitomizes hard work and integrity in every aspect of his life. He places importance on the value of…

Photo of Brandon Guerrero
Broker Associate

Shelley Hagen

Shelley Hagen is a native of Colorado Springs and earned at Master’s degree in Public Administration at the School of…

Photo of Shelley Hagen
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Morgan Hantschel

Morgan is a Colorado Native who grew up just north of the Springs in Parker and attended Colorado State University in…

Photo of Morgan Hantschel
Broker Associate

Heather Harkema

My focus is meeting your needs! As a Top 10% Real Estate Agent in Colorado Springs and with 25 years of experience b…

Photo of Heather Harkema
Broker Associate

Brenda Harris

Brenda has been serving the Colorado Springs area for over 25 years in a variety of capacities and specifically in re…

Photo of Brenda Harris
Broker Associate, The Hendrix Team

Jeri Hendrix

Welcome to Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region! We are confident that if you do not already live here, you wil…

Photo of Jeri Hendrix
Broker Associate, The Hendrix Team

Kelsi Hendrix

Welcome to Colorado Springs and the Pikes Peak Region! We are confident that if you do not already live here, you wil…

Photo of Kelsi Hendrix
Broker Associate

Steve Herron

After living in Colorado Springs for 10 years, my family and I moved out of state for 1 year to be near extended fami…

Photo of Steve Herron
Broker Associate

Andrea Isaacs

Andrea is a unicorn….an actual Colorado native! As a resident of Colorado Springs for over 35 years, Andrea’s vast kn…

Photo of Andrea Isaacs
Broker Associate

Erik Johnson

“Erik grew up in an Air Force family and has been happy to call Colorado his home for about 36 years, and doesn’t pla…

Photo of Erik Johnson
Customer Service

Kim Jones

Photo of Kim Jones
Broker Associate

Matthew Jones

I’m a proud Veteran of the United States Army. Serving my country in that capacity was a tremendous honor. It is now …

Photo of Matthew Jones
Broker Associate, Reyes Team

Marilyn Kinnamon

Marilyn Kinnamon brings twenty-six years of experience in real estate, experience in lending, excellent customer serv…

Photo of Marilyn Kinnamon
Broker Associate

Ambyr Kirkpatrick

Ambyr moved to Colorado from California in 1996 and grew up in Monument, however she has lived in many areas of Color…

Photo of Ambyr Kirkpatrick
Broker Associate, The Colorado Homes Team

Darcy Lee Kramer

As a Colorado native, nothing inspires me more than Colorado Springs incredible beauty and our diverse

Photo of Darcy Lee Kramer
Broker Owner, Broker Manager

Amy Kunce-Martinez

Amy and Gary have been a top producing Realtors for 18+ years in the Colorado Springs area, ranking in the top 1% of …

Photo of Amy Kunce-Martinez
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Morgan Lanza

An Arizona native, Morgan grew up in the Colorado Springs area and now calls it home with her family. She managed her…

Photo of Morgan Lanza
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Tiffani Lee Chase

Tiffani served in the United States Air Force for 4 years and is a native to Colorado Springs. She started her family…

Photo of Tiffani Lee Chase
Broker Associate, Reyes Team

Nick Leifheit

Nick is a 2nd generation real estate broker who was born and raised in Denver, Colorado. The summer after graduating…

Photo of Nick Leifheit
Broker Associate, Cowles & Co

Jason Lyman

Jason Lyman is a dedicated Realtor with extensive knowledge of the mortgage industry. Jason was born in Colorado but …

Photo of Jason Lyman
Broker Associate

Samantha Mackey

Samantha is honest, first and foremost. She’ll tell you the good, the bad, the ugly - whatever is relevant, and often…

Photo of Samantha Mackey
Broker Associate

Stephanie Maggio

I’m a Colorado gal born and raised in Southern Colorado in a town called Canon City. I always loved what a unique ci…

Photo of Stephanie Maggio
Broker Associate

Jessica Maloney

Faith, Family and Work are my priorities! My family and I spend as much time as we can in the great outdoors! We fee…

Photo of Jessica Maloney
Broker Associate

Doug Marsh

“SOLD!” I’m Doug Marsh and 15+ years ago, my real estate career began with the top real estate auction firm in the Mi…

Photo of Doug Marsh
Broker Owner, Broker Associate

Gary Martinez

Amy and Gary have been a top producing Realtors for 18+ years in the Colorado Springs area, ranking in the top 1% of …

Photo of Gary Martinez
Broker Associate, The McHugh Team

Craig McHugh

After 18 years of building two successful IT consulting businesses, (inhouseIT & SPAM Soap) in Southern California, C…

Photo of Craig McHugh
Broker Associate, The McHugh Team

Kellie McHugh

After 18 years of building two successful IT consulting businesses, (inhouseIT & SPAM Soap) in Southern California, C…

Photo of Kellie McHugh
Broker Associate

Crystal McNeill

If you are looking for an agent with a proven history in real estate, exceptional client service, and extensive local…

Photo of Crystal McNeill
Broker Associate

Cori Mesa

You loathe typical real estate agent bios. Don’t worry, I do too. They’re like cardboard — stiff, bland & identical t…

Photo of Cori Mesa
Broker Associate

Barb Miller

Current CEO of The Miller Corporation ( basically the cleaning lady, taxi, boo-boo kisser, laundry do-er extraordinai…

Photo of Barb Miller
Broker Associate

Elizabeth Mullen

Elizabeth Mullen (AKA: Ebeth) was born in Tampa, Florida
& grew up all-across the U.S.A. as a proud “Military Brat”

Photo of Elizabeth Mullen
Broker Associate

Rachelle Nardo

I'm Listening! When it comes to selling or buying your home, it's what you have to say, that really matters. Rachel…

Photo of Rachelle Nardo
Broker Associate

Jayme Newsom

Prior to becoming a Realtor I enjoyed a career in Human Resources and Management. These past positions required patie…

Photo of Jayme Newsom
Broker Associate

Jim Owens

Jim Owens is a residential REALTOR® with over 3 decades of experience. He has built his business steadily over the ye…

Photo of Jim Owens
Broker Associate

Liane Parker

Liane has lived in Colorado Springs most of her life with the exception of 15 years spent in Anchorage, AK; a result …

Photo of Liane Parker
Broker Associate, The Colorado Homes Team

Kathleen Peak

Grandchildren drew my husband of 43 years and I to Colorado in 2003 but we’ve adopted it as our forever home! After …

Photo of Kathleen Peak
Broker Associate, The Pittman Team

Cortney Pittman

Cortney Pittman is a mom, wife and passionate real estate professional. Cortney has lived in Colorado Springs for t…

Photo of Cortney Pittman
Broker Associate, The Pittman Team

Patrick Pittman

Patrick has lived in Colorado Springs since 2009, brought here by the United States Army. He was stationed at Fort Ca…

Photo of Patrick Pittman
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Jessica Pulido

Jessica is a Colorado Springs native and graduated from local St. Mary's High School. She went on to pursue a bachelo…

Photo of Jessica Pulido
Broker Associate

Kye Quesinberry

"When you’re ready to purchase or sell your home, Kye Quesinberry can help you achieve your goals. Kye has built two…

Photo of Kye Quesinberry
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Gordon Rauss

Gordon has had a long and varied career, that has included managing film & video production traveling throughout the …

Photo of Gordon Rauss
Broker Associate

Natalia Redman

Natalia is a proud wife, mom of 2 daughters, a former Border Patrol Agent, a real estate investor and property manage…

Photo of Natalia Redman
Broker Associate

Danielle Reid

Danielle Reid has lived in Colorado Springs since 1984. She graduated from Coronado High School in
1990. She then gr…

Photo of Danielle Reid
Broker Associate

Jenn Reilly

I’ve lived in Colorado Springs for most of my life. I am married with two amazing kiddos, who definitely keep me fee…

Photo of Jenn Reilly
Broker Associate

David Reyes

Buying or selling a home doesn’t have to be stressful or complicated. David is
committed to providing you with a rel…

Photo of David Reyes
Broker Associate

Nicole Ries

Nicole Ries is a Realtor® and also a Certified Public Accountant (CPA). She provides a professional but also very fun…

Photo of Nicole Ries
Broker Associate, Cutting Edge Home Team

Jenna Schwartz

Jenna Schwartz is a firecracker full of spunk and driven to get the job done. A hardworking native from the Midwest …

Photo of Jenna Schwartz
Broker Associate, The Amos Team

Brandon Shanahan

Brandon Shanahan was brought to Colorado Springs in 1999 when his parents were stationed at Fort Carson. Growing up a…

Photo of Brandon Shanahan
Broker Associate

Michelle Siffin

Having grown up in Colorado, I have been fortunate to both work and live in a Beautiful State that has so much to off…

Photo of Michelle Siffin
Broker Associate

Jayne Sims

Jayne has served and advocated for others working in non-profits for over 25 years. She has a strong commitment to he…

Photo of Jayne Sims
Broker Associate

Kelli Smith

I was born and raised in Dallas Tx. I have 3 vibrant boys who keep me on my toes at all times. We moved to Colorado s…

Photo of Kelli Smith
Broker Associate

Elizabeth Snow-Wheeler

Choose a career that you like and you will never have to work a day in your life." - Confucius My name is Liz Snow-Wh…

Photo of Elizabeth Snow-Wheeler
Broker Associate~MRP~ St James Team Lead

Jina St James

Jina St James is an established and highly recognized real estate agent in Colorado Springs. Her drive, determination…

Photo of Jina St James
Broker Associate

Mikie Stephens

Mikie Stephens is an associate broker who works with families to help them sell and buy homes. Mikie knows that this …

Photo of Mikie Stephens
Broker Associate

Shireka Strange

I am Shireka Strange! I am a family person with my devotion to God, my husband, and three beautiful children. Origin…

Photo of Shireka Strange
Broker Associate

Julie Ternes

Julie brings her passion for homes, marketing, client service and expert negotiation skills to help sellers/buyers re…

Photo of Julie Ternes
Broker Associate

Sheryl VanDuren

Sheryl has been continuously committed to investing in the mastery of her profession year over year. Growing up in th…

Photo of Sheryl VanDuren
Broker Associate, The Cutting Edge Home Team

Freddi Walls

My passion is people and helping my clients take their next step! My promise is to be available to help you through t…

Photo of Freddi Walls
Broker Associate, Cowles & Co

Erin Walton

Erin was born and raised in beautiful Montana, so moving to the Rocky Mountains of Colorado was an easy transition. S…

Photo of Erin Walton
Andrew and Wendy Weber, Realtors

Andrew and Wendy Weber

Because we truly love getting to know our clients, we also want you to know about us!

Andrew grew up in Colorado S…

Photo of Andrew and Wendy Weber
Broker Associate

Amelia Yates

Amelia Yates is a realtor on a mission to bring a unique Real Estate experience to the industry and is passionately d…

Photo of Amelia Yates
Broker Associate

Rob Youngs

Colorado Springs has been my home since I was 4 years old and I graciously credit my parents decision to retire here …

Photo of Rob Youngs
Broker Associate

Erika Zeigler-Rabet

I love all aspects of the real estate process. Whether it's helping first time buyers find their perfect starter ho…

Photo of Erika Zeigler-Rabet