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Barb Miller

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Barb Miller

Current CEO of The Miller Corporation ( basically the cleaning lady, taxi, boo-boo kisser, laundry do-er extraordinaire, chef and all around Best Momma (or so I'm told) to our 5 children, wife to my dashingly handsome husband,Ga Ga to our perfect grand baby, grand dogs and cats)

I have held my current position as CEO for 28 years. I have decided to try my hand at Real Estate. My goal is to use my skills from my days as CEO to build my Real Estate Empire. My motto is “ If I can't sell your house or find you one, at least I can make you a sandwich and do your laundry”

My Italian Grandmother always said “ usa I tuoi punti di forza a tuo vantaggio” in other words”use your strengths to your advantage” I will never promise anything that I can't deliver. I guild myself by 5 pillars. “Honesty, Integrity, Loyalty, Respect & Character” I will promise one thing if you choose to hire me, we will definitely have a good time!

~Bee Humble~Bee Grateful~Bee Kind~

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Cellphone 719-352-4052