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Brenda Cordero-Murillo

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Brenda Cordero-Murillo

I'm a Realtor here in the area of Colorado.
Originally I come from San Luis Potosi, Mexico but Colorado Springs has been my home for over 18 years. I Love Colorado!

2001 was the year my family(three brothers and parents)and I moved from San Luis Potosi to Colorado Springs. Growing up with three brothers taught me many things, especially to be Independent and Administrative since a very young age. As my parents had to work everyday I was left incharge of our house.

What does this have anything to do with my present now?
It has everything to do with it actually. This trained me to take care of those around me and help people in anyway possible, these are Real Estate's main approaches as well.
Why did I choose this career? To be honest I had always notice the fear in some people when signing a document that they might not entirely understand, could be due to a language barrier or not asking the right questions. It is here where I come in.
I'm Bilingual, Spanish is my first language, English and a lot of the times without realizing I also speak Spanglish :).
To Assist and Take care of my clients, this is my main focus!

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Office Phone 719-999-5067
Cellphone 719-209-9489